Living Off the Grid?

We provide off-grid power solutions in Amarillo, TX

If you're living off the grid, you want to ensure you have reliable power. With Amarillo Solar Pros by your side, you can have exactly that. We offer off-grid power solutions in the Amarillo, TX area. While we do provide off-grid solar installations, we can also maintain, repair and troubleshoot systems. We proudly work with residential and commercial clients.

Explore the reasons why you should install an off-grid solar power system

There are plenty of reasons you should hire us for off-grid solar installation services. An off-grid solar power system from us can help:

  • Remove the need for a power company
  • Allow you to scale how much energy you want
  • Power entire bunkhouses, rural ranches and similar property types
We use equipment from Sol-Ark, HomeGrid and Franklin, which they manufacture in the U.S. And since the batteries are interchangeable, you won't have to stress about replacing them. Call us today to speak with an off-grid power solutions specialist.

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