Stay Safe When the Power's Out

Rely on us for battery system services in Amarillo, TX

If you want to keep the lights on when the power's out, you've come to the right place. Amarillo Solar Pros has what you need. We offer battery system services in the Amarillo, TX area. Our energy batteries store four to five times what the exported energy is worth. So instead of returning excess power to the utility company for credits, you can save it and use it at night since you're producing it yourself.

What battery system solutions do we offer?

While some companies focus only on battery system installations, we do much more. Locals typically request us to:

  • Install battery systems
  • Repair battery systems
  • Maintain battery systems
  • Troubleshoot battery systems
We work with equipment from Sol-Ark, HomeGrid and Franklin. We even have a stackable option, which means you can scale how much energy you want to hold depending on the size of the house and what you want to power. All of the equipment we use is manufactured in the U.S. Call us today to learn more about our energy batteries. We work with residential and commercial clients.

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